Butch Batson – Crazy Good


I know Vic and I know he has good taste in weird music. Weird and good music. I finally got around to listening to this post he made last month. It’s intrigued me. My. God. This is the shit! Scary and weird and brilliant, in a scary ass way. It’s the perfect follow up to the Jesco White “Dancin’ Outlaw” video. Not much I can add to this except that you must listen to “Green Girl” which I bet was written while looking at a Tretchikoff painting, and “Don’t Trust”, oh, and “Carolina Drive-In” nearly gave me aheart attack laughing… 

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  1. Is it sad that I’m still listening to this while driving around?

    It just appeals to my twisted sense of humour, I guess.

    At least I’m not the only one … Zack’s still having a great time with it, as well. He mentioned last night, “Between Carolina Drive-In and Wild Stray Girl, I had this thought…”

    About that time, a wild stray girl called …


    *shrug* I gotta wonder. Maybe there’s something to all this…

  2. Hey, Swanky!

    Thanks for the plug! Glad you like The Bad Boy. He’s about as weird as they come (in real life as well as on cassette tape). I’ll make sure you get some more of his stranger stuff sooner or later.

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