Tiki Eyeball – Aku Tiki Inn – Peru, IL – May 18th-20th

Kick off the summer right with Kustom Kars and Tiki Bars!

Tiki Eyeball
This is the first event of the season for  Wizzard Road Shows and the first Tiki Eyeball event. It promises to be a great weekender in the heartland of America. Great bands, vendors, rods and fun. I am bringing a motley crew of carvers together to show their skilz and spread the gospel of tiki to the masses. Expect a great room party with me and Basement Kahuna mixing up the cocktails. Lake Surfer is haulin his big and lovely sculptures in and throwin it down artic north style.
More details to come. I can’t wait to explore this very out of the way, vintage tiki establishment, AND the Tiki Truck Stop!

Cuba from Space

I have a fascination with Cuba. There was a time when it was the vacation hot spot. And that time is one I love. So, in 1959, Cuba sort of stopped in time. It went from a beautiful hot spot to a defunct place. The old buildings deteriorated, but hold some magic. The old cars keep roving the streets in new incarnations. The great music keeps trickling out. I would love to visit Cuba before it someday becomes open again and it loses that weird glory.

And so while wandering the Internet and thinking about such things, I trained my Google Maps on Cuba and expected to see nothing. “Forbidden” But I was surprised to see detailed satellite images. I wandered down some coast and saved these links to interesting areas. Take a look and if you feel the urge, post links to your own discoveries in Cuba.

Flame Buildings

Circular Tunnel entrance Zoom out a bit to see the exit on the other side of the inlet.

Pentagram property


Mai Kai – November 1969 – Ford Times

thumb“An authentic Polynesian setting houses seven different dining areas surrounded by magnificent gardens, Orchids and exotic foods are flown in daily from the South Pacific. Bob and Jack Thornton are your hosts…” They shared their recipe for Chicken Coriander for this magazine put out by the Ford Motor Company. This painting shows the show we know and love, with the Mystery Drink Lady we know and love…

I’m a Homo-ner, er, Homeowner

I must say that I can’t imagine doing this without all the work Ms Swanky did to make it happen. Her being a realtor allowed her to know what she was doing in all the confusing-ness, and make it understandable. I can’t imagine doing it without an agent by your side.

I don’t know why I never bought a house before. I have had a lot more money in the bank and a lot better credit rating and more monthly income. I guess it’s just a further settling down. And having a fiance to make it all a lot easier. “Just sign here and give us a few grand.”

I suppose it’s pretty lame to some to reach my 40s always having rented. It’s stupid really. But, I just have not thought it out and planned it out before.

It is a major change though. I have lived in many houses and apartments that were varying degrees of nice and or interesting places. And, as a renter, I have never painted a wall. I just put my stuff in the space and hang some things on the walls. Why go to the expense? Now I will be willing and free to do all those great decorating things. Refinishing the floors. Painting. New counter tops. Anything I want. I’ve never lacked taste or style, but I have lacked the desire to translate my spaces to any great degree.

I will hold back to a few degrees. I don’t know if this is the house to own for decades. I won’t be doing installations that transform the very room into new spaces. I have grand ideas, but plan to do just a very nice renovation of a 70 year old house. But I am free to do as I will.

And, the biggest, baddest in-home tiki bar yet will be included. I want to have it ready for guests for the luau near the end of July, but there is a possibility that HGTV will be coming in to help and so, I may hold off a bit…

Just think, in 30 years it’ll all be mine!

Soundtracks With a Twist

cover I am guessing a lot of you are into the same sort of weird music I am. Lounge, but not really the normal sort of lounge. Stuff that strays just enough to give you a sly little smile. So I wanted to share with you perhaps my all time favorite CD. I have owned and listened to about every lounge CD out there and tons of records. This particualr CD I keep going back to. I put it in the player and I worry. “Will this be the day? Will this be the playing that I can no longer tolerate this CD?” No. That has yet to happen. Every time I play it, I just flat enjoy it. I think you will too.

So, ignore the many other CDs out there and buy this one. I have waded through them for you. And if you enjoy it like I think you will, let me know. Maybe I have a few other suggestions for you in the future.

Click the cover to get your very own copy.

Vaudeville Lives

Ms Swanky and I went out for an absolutely fantastic evening of entertainment last night. Costumed comedy, and just great live performance. It was at Club XYZ and the show was their drag show with RAZ and Angel Collins taking the lead roles. It was so campy and fun. It just had me looking at the drag show completely differently. Maybe it was the smaller stage that made it more intimate and allowed more interaction with the crowd. It certainly had to do withour entertainers. It was really a great show and I am ready to go back. You just don’t see that kind of entertainment anymore and I mean that in a good way.