Pleasure Guide

With a title like that, it could be anything, but…



And if you have dirty thoughts, this could lead to many places…


I’d love to cruise around Nassau in that car, and with one of these gals in hats and heels…

Cypress Gardens

I’d visit Cypress Gardens, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what is going on in this picture…


Do a bit of shopping in Nassau. Great bag.


Maybe watch a local show with hot, sweaty, shirtless black men…


Nearly lose my wig when my husband spears a big fish and points it at me…


Listen as Jerome sings another tune. Shake me another Bacardi Cocktail!


Dancing of course…


Flamingos viewed under parasol…


Get a hat that looks like a palapa umbrella…


Or just enjoy the Palm beaches.

Mom and Pop Vintage Motel Guide

6-12mungermossmotel.jpgI came across this site by accident and looked down the list of motels in my area. I realized it was actually a list of vintage motels that are still open. “Reasonable rates” sure. $39 a night or less. Will the room be awful and totally unacceptable, or will it be a blast from the past? I stayed at one not so long ago that had the coin-op vibrating bed with incredible vintage graphics on the box.

So, next time you are planning a road trip down memory lane, or, well, trying to relive a past you may never have had the chance to experience, this site will steer you in the direction of the survivors.

Motel Guide.com

Knoxville Modern Lustron Home Extraordinaire

Check out the Sputnik mailbox!

On Wednesday I happened to be in the hospital emergency room and browsed the local Knoxville Magazine and they had this article on a great house in town. It was a teaser and did not give the address.

Saturday, we were out hitting some garage sales and turned down the street and I immediately spotted a thick growth of bamboo. We slowed. Then I saw more house and we were both oohing. Then I saw the modern beams on the side of the house from the pictures and I knew I’d stumbled upon the house!

imgp2973.jpgIt was an original Lustron home from 1948. There are 3 of these in Knoxville that I know of today. This one I did not know about. The problem today with these homes is that they are just too small by our standards. Gary solved this by very artfully adding on to his Lustron. The whole property is incredible and he carried the atomic theme even to his mailbox, which is a stainless steel Sputnik design

imgp3008.jpgIt is such a pleasure to just know this place is here in town. There are some drop dead gorgeaous modern homes near there. They are in a very upscale neighborhood and are classic and will remain for ages. This one is just over the top Mod.

You know I will be slipping an invitation in his mailbox to my next luau!







This is the parking area behind the house. Love the gates!


This is an addition behind the house. Perfectly matching!


The metal wings on the side are a great touch and mimic the vintage building that is now Belleza Salon.


From the front you see the original small Lustron home.


Big Ol’ Tiki Gay Bash – Chicago

Duke Carter, author of “Tiki Quest” and organizer of “Exotica” posted a swell review he found in a Chicago rag of a small event he put together recently.

Way too many of you are going to be pleased to know that the Chicago Antique Market boasts a “Retro Tiki” theme this weekend, and that it will showcase one-of-a-kind vintage items from Tiki collectors David and Amy Carter. The Carters have written a book, Tiki Quest: Collecting the Exotic Past which, if we weren’t trying so hard to be nicer, we would label as an idiotic exercise in how to waste time and money while making everyone else think you’re gay, if you’re straight; or, if you’re gay, making you look like an effete poseur. But you don’t care what people think, judging by how many of you have already headed for the door. Fine. I wash my hands of you. Yes, Tiki seekers, it’s retro time on Saturday and Sunday, June 30 and July 1, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the 1300 block of West Randolph (312/951-9939). You have to pay $8 to get in, unless you suspect that David and Amy Carter have brought particularly desirable gems of the Tiki oeuvre which you need to get your hands on before the hoi polloi arrives, which means you better bring $20 so you can get in at 8 instead of 9 a.m.

Man. Thanks for outting me! Much good commentary available on Tiki Central as well.

You Just Never Know…

james-dean6.jpgPart of why I like hanging out in old bars is the characters there, not the character of the place. I’ve been amazed by the stories of the old timers I have heard.

There is one old guy, Ed, who hung out at Opal’s a lot. He cleaned the place during the day and would be around in the evenings regularly. A real nice guy that I didn’t pay much attention to.

Then one night someone came in and handed him a framed picture of James Dean. Ed just lit up. After a while, he was sitting next to me and he told me just why he had this picture.

It wasn’t just a picture of James Dean. Ed had taken that picture. Jimmy was in a barn, cigarette hanging from his lip, leaned over a car. That was about the time Jimmy told Ed he was leaving their small home town to go to New York. Asked Ed if he wanted to go with him. Ed choked out that he wished he’d said yes.

You just never know…

Wherefore art thou time?

I really hate when bloggers post about not blogging, so, I thought I’d post about why I’m not blogging!

It’s crunch time. I am struggling under a pile of some 2,000 images that I have taken and must process to create the tiki calendar. All my free time is now being consumed by cropping, adjusting, and categorizing images. I need to get everything organized so that we can begin the process of actually making the calendar images and the website, etc.

And I just got in a shipment of large puffer fish and each one of these that gets ordered takes about 2 hours to prepare.

And so, right now I don’t have those lazy weekends in which I scan stuff and share it. Well, actually, I am going to be sharing my work in a few months in the form of the calendar. So, just wait!

Vintage Hawaii Slide of the Week – Hilton Hawaiian Village Luau

At least I think that’s where these were taken.


I have a lot of pictures like this.


And this. I assume you got a picture taken with a kane or wahine with your ticket.


This was Mr. and Mrs. James Barry


Good times.