Mom and Pop Vintage Motel Guide

6-12mungermossmotel.jpgI came across this site by accident and looked down the list of motels in my area. I realized it was actually a list of vintage motels that are still open. “Reasonable rates” sure. $39 a night or less. Will the room be awful and totally unacceptable, or will it be a blast from the past? I stayed at one not so long ago that had the coin-op vibrating bed with incredible vintage graphics on the box.

So, next time you are planning a road trip down memory lane, or, well, trying to relive a past you may never have had the chance to experience, this site will steer you in the direction of the survivors.


2 thoughts on “Mom and Pop Vintage Motel Guide”

  1. Rafal says:

    Hi, I’m Rafal the front desk clerk. I thought you might like our cool vintage sign, it’s on the website.

  2. Rafal says:

    Just click on my name, I guess.

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