Nudie Cuties in the Tiki Hut NSFW

What can you say? Buck naked gals in front of something vaguely tiki-ish and some matting and maybe a grass skirt on the wall. Gotta love it. (NSFW)

Aku Aku Las Vegas Aerial Shots

Aku Aku 1 
Aku Aku 2

Great aerial photos of the Stardust and Aku Aku posted here on Tiki Central. Really shows how remote the place was then. Nice to see that perspective.

Vintage Tapa Outrigger Lamp Resurrection

Tapa Outrigger LampAloha John has been keeping his eye on the remains of a local San Bernardino Poly Pop establishment, Trader Island for a long time. He made a deal to own this outrigger lamp, and then the place was sold and became a sports bar. Head over to TC and read the full story.

OG Tiki Central

It’s a steady refrain that Tiki Central is not what it used to be. This is true. But there are very regularly things there that still make an old Tiki dog wag their tail. I am going to start posting links to the threads on Tiki Central that interest me and that I think will interest the old school Tiki peeps.

If you consider yourself one of those OG Tiki Peeps and you’d like to help in this project, please drop me a line. The more, the merrier.

I didn’t start this blog as a Tiki blog. But, there is certainly a lot of Tiki on it. Maybe its time I concentrate on making this blog a repository for the type of Tiki information I think is important. I am an Old School Tiki lover. I only collect vintage mugs and ephemera. I love some of the new stuff too.  But the old days is what gets me excited. So, I’ll try to share the excitement for those of you who may have become disenchanted with TC.

I have created a new category on this blog, so you can easily find the “OG Tiki Central” stuff.