Swank Pad’s Mini Mai-Kai Mystery Bowls are here!

I am excited to announce what I hope is the first of my “Mai-Kai Memories Series”. This is an individual sized Mystery bowl designed after the 1950s original.

They are on sale now at the Swank Pad Productions website and next week in the Mai-Kai gift shop!

The Return of Mazarine Cordial

 6 years ago we last tasted this beverage. The bottle was found by friends who were cleaning out a relative’s home after they passed. They just happened to keep the bottle because it was pretty. What was inside was amazing. A flavor unlike anything else. I began trying to get more soon after. A fresh bottle came in the mail last week.

It was better than my memory! There is a curry flavor, cinnamon, anise is there and gives it an Absinthe/licorice flavor that is subtle. It finishes with that almost Vick’s Vap-o-rub feeling in the nose.

Some people take a sip and think you have poisoned them. Others are mezmerized.

Now, how do I make this bottle last 6 more years until I maybe get another???

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Swanky – Knoxville’s “Tiki King” in Metropulse

 We were a bit shocked to find that Knoxville weekly indepenant paper Metropulse had made me the cover story this week. And I was very pleasantly surprised to find they did a really great job on the article that captures the past and present of Tiki well.


Read it HERE.