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On Don the Beachcomber’s birthday we are launching a Patreon campaign whereby you can help us in researchign his life. Join the campaign here. Top supporters can get one of these limited edition Tiki Diablo bowls

Smuggler’s Cove Is All In

Smuggler’s Cove surprised me in several ways. Martin had contacted me a few times over the past few years mainly about Mai-Kai and Don the Beachcomber history. Martin’s history is something itself. He was a cocktail nerd like many of…..

Crazy Al Creates New Mai-Kai Memories Series Molokai Maiden

 Only the mastery of Crazy Al could recreate this amazing carving from the Mai-Kai. The latest piece in the Mai-Kai Memories Series is the Molokai Maiden. An unreal smaller version of the iconic masthead in the Molokai Bar. It takes…..

Help During the Lime Crisis of 2014

Due to the great Lime Crisis of 2014, we are forced to re-evaluate options. In the past I have endorsed Nellie’s Key Lime juice as a back-up when fresh lime juice runs out. You know how it is. It’s 1AM…..

Traveling Tiki Cocktail Bar needs

IMO, you can fit all you need to make many of the best Tiki drinks in a milk crate. Granted, these are for making Don the Beachcomber’s recipes… Light Rum Gold Rum Dark Rum 151 Lemon Hart or other quality demerara…..

Low Carb Tiki Drinks

After a few weeks on a strict low carb diet, I wanted to celebrate with a classic cocktail by Don the Beachcomber. I wasn’t about to blow the diet, so I did some research. I opened The Grogalizer and removed…..

DYI Ice Volcano for your Mini Mystery Bowl

If you don’t yet own the Mini Mai-Kai Mystery Bowl, well, go get one HERE. Follow along regardless. To make the ice volcano that goes in the center of the Mystery Drink, here is my plan. If you have your…..

Swank Pad’s Mini Mai-Kai Mystery Bowls are here!

I am excited to announce what I hope is the first of my “Mai-Kai Memories Series”. This is an individual sized Mystery bowl designed after the 1950s original. They are on sale now at the Swank Pad Productions website and…..

The Return of Mazarine Cordial

 6 years ago we last tasted this beverage. The bottle was found by friends who were cleaning out a relative’s home after they passed. They just happened to keep the bottle because it was pretty. What was inside was amazing……

Swanky – Knoxville’s “Tiki King” in Metropulse

 We were a bit shocked to find that Knoxville weekly indepenant paper Metropulse had made me the cover story this week. And I was very pleasantly surprised to find they did a really great job on the article that captures…..

A Truly Good Low Carb Margarita Recipe

 Having been on the low carb diet many times, and enjoying a Margarita and just plane any cocktail when Friday afternoon rolls around, I have worked at making a low carb version. Most recipes are way too gross, as it…..

Mai-Kai Derby Daiquiri and Mariano Licudine

This image is from the June 1959 issue of Esquire magazine. It says: “The fabulous mixologist Mariano Licudine of the famed Mai-Kai Restaurant in Florida creates new ways with rum in his Derby Daiquiri. The secret: one ounce of fresh…..

Grogalizer 2.0 is here

With The Bum’s new book just out and his new seminar coming up at Hukilau, it is a great time to unveil the newly redesigned Grogalizer website. I have wanted to make it look up to date for a while…..

Cocktail Ice Shell

The Ice Shell is one of those lost arts, or perhaps, lost little extras, that went away when cheap labor did. I know of only one place I can get a cocktail in an ice shell and that is the…..

Vintage Don Q Puerto Rican 151 Rum – A Tasting

I knew Don Q Rums mainly as the rum inside my vintage Mai-Kai decanter. It was in ads that touted the Mai-Kai‘s Derby Daiquiri. Ms. Swanky got me this sealed vintage bottle for Christmas this year and I was eager…..