Kapu – Forbidden

This Week Miami 1959

While collecting way too many things related to the Mai-Kai as part of my book research, I bought this great 1959 weekly tourist magazine for the Mai-Kai ad. I got a lot of other great stuff as well. Gotta love…..

Crazy Al Creates New Mai-Kai Memories Series Molokai Maiden

¬†Only the mastery of Crazy Al could recreate this amazing carving from the Mai-Kai. The latest piece in the Mai-Kai Memories Series is the Molokai Maiden. An unreal smaller version of the iconic masthead in the Molokai Bar. It takes…..

Etiquette for Young Moderns

Gay Head. Just sayin’.

Hawaii Slides

A little NSFW image for you. Ukukeles, leis…

Fun at the Barbeque Festival

Seen at the Maryville BBQ festival. Um… No thanks…

Bamboo Ben – Art Fink

Bamboo Ben is a true original. An old punk like myself, you just never quite know what to expect from him. He’s made a lot of art in various mediums. But, I think he just made his masterpiece. A real…..

Nudie Cuties in the Tiki Hut NSFW

What can you say? Buck naked gals in front of something vaguely tiki-ish and some matting and maybe a grass skirt on the wall. Gotta love it. (NSFW)

Pagan Magazine 1966

I had come across this cover many years ago, and this week, I finally found the magazine. As best as I can tell, it is from 1966. Maybe a bit racier than Playboy at the time and just full of…..

Cavalier 1963 Hauoli Nani Nei

I am proud that I was able to contribute images for the “Sexy Tiki” portion of Sven’s newest book, “Tiki Modern“. I just got a bit of new naughty hula stuff to share. From the January 1963 we have a…..

Big Ol’ Tiki Gay Bash – Chicago

Duke Carter, author of “Tiki Quest” and organizer of “Exotica” posted a swell review he found in a Chicago rag of a small event he put together recently. Way too many of you are going to be pleased to know…..

Nylon Jungle 1966

Warning, NSFW. The 1966 issue of Nylon Jungle. I have been looking for this for years. Nice tiki, nice, um, gal. This carving must be in the photographer’s home. This is all we get to see. A random prop. If…..

“This Filthy World” – John Waters Documentary

Kiki in NYC reports on seeing this film and Mr. Waters himself recently. Sounds like a fun way to spend an evening. She says the video is to be released through Netflix soon.

Stopping Terrorists – We already have the power…

This article makes more sense than any. Terrorists want to cause terror. We go nuts over every little thing and thus, they succeed, even when they fail i.e. the London liquid plane bombers. They were stopped and we still have…..

Lileks is Like Squares-ville

I’ve been reading the Bleat for years now and he has gone further and further into the business of being a grumpy guy and less and less being an amusing commentator on culture. He had the sense to move a…..

Education in daily life for the anti-lernin’ dolts

I am very sick of adults who tell kids that education is useless. Art class? I use skills I learned in art class on a weekly basis. Because art is much more than just drawing or painting. Every sign or…..