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Swanky’s Tiki Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha is a worldwide series of presentation all with the same format: 20 images which each displaying for 20 seconds. I decided to apply to do a presentation thinking it would be easy. I’ve done many presentations of various…..

West Coast Tour 2017

It’s happening again… I’ll be touring the west coast starting August 5th in Tacoma and ending August 13th in Palm Springs. Celebrating a year after the release of the Mai-Kai book, I and my editor Mrs. Swanky will be visiting…..

Smuggler’s Cove Is All In

Smuggler’s Cove surprised me in several ways. Martin had contacted me a few times over the past few years mainly about Mai-Kai and Don the Beachcomber history. Martin’s history is something itself. He was a cocktail nerd like many of…..

Recent TC Threads

Or maybe this is the all Dusty Cajun hour! Try looking through these for some OG Tiki Central feelings: Mah Jong, Syosett, Long Island, NY The Tahitian, Pasadena, CA Ports O Call, Dallas Tropics Motor Hotel, Seattle, WA

Butlinland Postcard

Just got this card to add to the Vintage Server Girls thread on Tiki Central.         This gal is clearly none too happy to see her man getting lei’d…         In the UK they…..

Caliente Tropics Tikis

Sven and Sabu give us a nerdrific lesson in the history of two tikis at the Caliente Tropics.

Aku Aku Las Vegas Aerial Shots

  Great aerial photos of the Stardust and Aku Aku posted here on Tiki Central. Really shows how remote the place was then. Nice to see that perspective.

Kapu Kai in ruins after floods

Images too sad to post…

New York Times Beachbum Berry Article

Da Bum. Great Story. great to have this exposure!

Moon Islander, South Titusville, FL

Moon Islander Menu, South Titusville, FL

South Pacific, Newton, MA

A great old location in the North East!

Vintage Tapa Outrigger Lamp Resurrection

Aloha John has been keeping his eye on the remains of a local San Bernardino Poly Pop establishment, Trader Island for a long time. He made a deal to own this outrigger lamp, and then the place was sold and became…..

OG Tiki Central

It’s a steady refrain that Tiki Central is not what it used to be. This is true. But there are very regularly things there that still make an old Tiki dog wag their tail. I am going to start posting links to…..