Amazing Asian Themed Mid-Century Time Capsule in Iowa


Sure, it’s a great Asian themed mid-century home, but, it is also over the top! The dimensions are huge. The flag stone walls, the huge open rooms with those amazing ceilings. It is so over the top! I am saving the images here for posterity. The buyer may rip all this crap out and renovate the shit out of this amazing classic at 1228 17th St., West Des Moines, IA 50265.


Pulling up to the house gives you a good clue. The trim, the stones, and garage door.


The Japanese garden style yard with stones for the yard and mini-pagoda. And a turret on top?


Great details that show an attention to detail and to a guiding hand in the build.


Okay, we’re inside and starting to grasp the depth of this house décor. Those doors! The carpet, mirrored wall and of course the rock wall and statue are classic.


Sectional sofa, Phsssh! Ours has like 7 sections! The bar to the left is greta and it looks like matting on the ceiling, and well, it’s freaking curved in those recesses!


And they did a flagstone wall on the other side! And that giant art piece back there is crazy great. This whole room with the vaulted ceiling and exposed beams…


Of course there is a fireplace built into that wall! I’ll have a Dr. Funk please!


I can’t quite tell what the bar top is, but I am sure it is fantastic.


A red sink? Yes.



Not sure about this bedroom, or the red wagon…




And the other living room. I guess this one it the fancy one. And it is fancy!


So, let’s add a mirrored section to the ceiling. And make it curved…




And I want the theme in the kitchen with a red sink there too! And a red microwave.


How did this bathroom get in here?




Yes, and I want a black toilet on a dias… Great sconces.



Nice use of sea grass matting… Okay, we’re done here. Fantastic.


Knoxville Modern Lustron Home Extraordinaire

Check out the Sputnik mailbox!

On Wednesday I happened to be in the hospital emergency room and browsed the local Knoxville Magazine and they had this article on a great house in town. It was a teaser and did not give the address.

Saturday, we were out hitting some garage sales and turned down the street and I immediately spotted a thick growth of bamboo. We slowed. Then I saw more house and we were both oohing. Then I saw the modern beams on the side of the house from the pictures and I knew I’d stumbled upon the house!

imgp2973.jpgIt was an original Lustron home from 1948. There are 3 of these in Knoxville that I know of today. This one I did not know about. The problem today with these homes is that they are just too small by our standards. Gary solved this by very artfully adding on to his Lustron. The whole property is incredible and he carried the atomic theme even to his mailbox, which is a stainless steel Sputnik design

imgp3008.jpgIt is such a pleasure to just know this place is here in town. There are some drop dead gorgeaous modern homes near there. They are in a very upscale neighborhood and are classic and will remain for ages. This one is just over the top Mod.

You know I will be slipping an invitation in his mailbox to my next luau!







This is the parking area behind the house. Love the gates!


This is an addition behind the house. Perfectly matching!


The metal wings on the side are a great touch and mimic the vintage building that is now Belleza Salon.


From the front you see the original small Lustron home.