Honeymoon in Hawaii LP

This record has lots of great images. It is meant to be a sort of scrapbook of your Hawaiian Honeymoon. Places to add notes and it is generally a nice bit of eye candy. I expected the most watered down tripe from the vinyl inside.

Instead I found some good music. Even some great music! The track “He Aloha No O Honolulu” at first gave me a little chill and then it shot straight into breath taking.

THIS page says: It showcases the unique talents of Bunny Brown,
Kihei Brown. Arthur Kaua, Mona Kalima, and Buddy Brown at their best; Bunny Brown recalls, “The whole album was incredibly recorded in just one session.”

Bunny passed away at age 90 in 2009.

THIS is the stuff I play in the Hapa Haole Hideaway. It gives me the feeling that is my ideallic soundtrack.

Hilo Hawaiians – Honeymoon in Hawaii

Download it HERE

Sam Makia – Live Hawaiian Party

More ripped live Hapa Haole vinyl. I had recorded this record in 2007, but just recorded it again. It appears to be from the 70s. Looks like the dying end of the Tiki Epoch. Everyone in the images is elderly. The show was recorded in the Malia Polynesian Room in Asbury Park, NJ. I find no internet record of this place existing.

Sad, as Sam Makia made one of my all time favorite records. Take it as you will.

Download it here.

Adomono – A Night at the Beachcomber

I got a request for this, so I am putting it out there again. I have not listened to this in maybe 6 years, so, no guess about the sound quality.

Download here

Arnie and Chise – Rotsa Ruck – Fort Lauderdale Sheraton Lounge

I picked up this record on my trip to Tiki Eyeball. I have been dying to hear it since May. The cover is just classic. I am not sure where this Sheraton is in Fort Lauderdale. I thought it was where the Hukilau is hosted, but, that’s definitely a different building. But she does mention the Yankee Clipper on the record. Is this the building across from the ocean?

I have uploaded a nice big image of the back for your reading pleasure. I especially like that it is signed and Chise adds “I’m made in Japan.”

This week, after moving in to the new house a few months ago, I finally got the stereo hooked up and connected to the computer. This record was the first to be ripped.


The record doesn’t blow me away, but I sure wish I could have seen these guys. It really makes me wish for such a show. Arnie plays a mean guitar and Chise squeals with delite all through the show.

I uploaded the file HERE. One side at a time, just as it should be.

p.s. I just noticed a strange hiccup in my rip. Whether its my sound card or a conflict in the computer or what, I have no idea. Gotta get a new computer some day…

Ear Candy – Henri Rene – Compulsion to Swing


Henri Rene is one of my favorites. He has a subtlety that the more popular Space Age artists lack. His music rewards the attentive and perceptive listener. It’s genius.

Henri Rene – Compulsion to Swing Updated 4-29-007

Ear Candy – Werner Muller – Hawaiian Swing

swingThis is a nice LP that takes the Hawaiian music and peps it up a bit. Not the moody Exotica or the slow Hapa Haole. It does indeed swing!

Download it here!


Ear Candy – Bob Thompson – Mmm, Nice!

new nice

I think this is the most common record Bob put out, but it is a good one!

Download here Updated 4-29-007

Ear Candy – A Touch of Tabasco

A Touch of Tabasco
You may recognize “I Only Have Eyes For You” from a Lipitor commercial. I love Perez Prado and I love Rosemary Clooney. Putting these two together was gold. Perez should have teamed up with more singers because it really brings his music to a new level. I wish they had done about 10 records together, but all we have is this one jewel.

Billy Mure is coming back to Hukilau this year. His partner Debbie was Rosemary’s assistant for many years. The two of them knew and worked with about everybody in music it seems. If you want to know more about Rosemary Clooney, ask Debbie.

This is one of my all time favorite records. Enjoy the download!