Swank Pad Drink Recipes

We have begun the arduous journey through Beachbum Berry's "Grog Log." I hope to earn my merit badge for having concocted every recipe soon. And Kiliki hopes to earn hers for having sampled every drink soon. Only finding Pimento and Maraschino Liqueur hinder me. I have found that most recipes need less than half the lime juice called for. And although I may be shunned by purists, I find that a bottle of "Nellie's Key Lime Juice" is a fine substitute for fresh squeazed. Another note to the wise, Demarara rum just means it's from Guyana. And the number one tip for all tropical drinks: use crushed ice. It makes world's of difference. Crushed ice cannot be done in advance and put in the freezer. It will simply refreeze into an iceberg. You can, however, crush it up and store it in an ice bucket.

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