1966 Mai-Kai Calendar

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Inside Cover Image - Sandra who was married to long time Maitre D' Eddie Tatton.

January 1966 - Ann Campbell - More on her here and in the Fall 2011 issue of Tiki Magazine.

February 1966 - Lorie - Word is that Lorie was the first blond "light red" Mai-Kai girl.

March 1966 - Angela

April 1966 - Emalee

May 1966 - Jean

June 1966 - Mireille - Became wife of original owner Bob Thornton in 1974. She became the choreographer in 1962, and still serves that role today.

July 1966 - Joan

August 1966 - Ellen who started in 1958 after all the waitresses were fired for coming in drunk.

September 1966 - Karen

October 1966 - Kawana

November 1966- Dee - Came to Fort Lauderdale with her sister Angel in1959 and met fellow Chicagoans the brothers Thornton. They were offered a job and went home and packed and came back to become Mai-Kai girls!

December 1966 - Andree - Mai-Kai Islander dancer who was married to Heitapu, another performer there. Sister to Leila and cousin to Liva. Her aunt Anna Chevalier was a movie star in Tahiti and was in Tabu, The Hurricane and The Black Pearl.

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