1968 Mai-Kai Calendar

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1968 -Gail

Kona Coffee Grog - This is one of the things that only the Mai-Kai does today. This was a signature of Don the Beachcomber's that the Mai-Kai carries on and is a must.

January 1968 -Leila

Molokai Bar, pre-1971 renovations. Note the barrel table and general tropical theme.

February 1968 - Robin

March 1968 - Mireille

April 1968 - Yvonne

The Fiji Room no longer exists at the Mai-Kai. It was where the gift shop is now, behind the main show room.

May 1968 - Patti

June 1968 - Liva

The Samoan Room is still there, but much of the authentic decor was donated to museums and universtities in the 1970s.

July 1968 - Rosalind

August 1968 - Andree

September 1968 - Myrna

October 1968 - Eileen

November 1968 - Deanna

December 1968 - Carroll