1974 Mai-Kai Calendar

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Tuai December 1973

January 1974 - Mireille - Tahitian Dancer and became wife of original owner Bob Thornton in 1974. She became the choreographer in 1962, and still serves that role today.

February 1974 - Candi

Pasifika and Taafili

March 1974 - Linda

April 1974 - Dancer Kainoa

That Chinese oven was added in the 1970 renovation. A very rare thing.

May 1974 - Linda

Call manager Mr. Mattei. Still true today!

June 1974 - Diane

July 1974 - Susan

When the gong sounds, the ritual begins. There's a hush throughout the room. What follows is something very special. Between you, your soul and the Mystery Girl.

August 1974 - Patti in the ladie's room.

September 1974 - Liva - Cousin to Leila and Andree

October 1974 - Karen

November 1974 - Pamela

December 1974 - Kelli