1977 Mai-Kai Calendar

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December 1976

January 1977 - Mireille - Tahitian Dancer and became wife of original owner Bob Thornton in 1971. She was named the choreographer in 1962, and still serves that role today. This is on stage with the Grandmother Dance costume.

Mai-Kai 10 year veterans. Bob Thornton and Kern Mattie Sr., up front. Tommy Eng is the chef on the left. He was brought from Don the Beachcomber's in Chicago along with Andy Tonata, the Head Maitre D' in the black jacket on the right, Mariano Licudine on his left. Angel Vega, in the red jacket in the center is still there to this day.

February 1977 - Pat in Bankok

Meat in the Chinese ovens

March 1977 - Tuai

Cocktails of the Mai-Kai

April 1977 - Karen

May 1977 - Dancer Andree on stage

June 1977 - Marla


July 1977 - Dancer Kainoa

Back bar with Head Mixologist Mariano Licudine and Sepharino

August 1977 - Ginger

September 1977 - Carol

Founding crew Andy, Tommy and Mariano.

October 1977 - Hisako

Mystery Girl

November 1977 - Susan

Gift Shop

December 1977 - Diane