Downtown Augusta is a time capsule. Like a lot of downtowns, it lost favor when the mall came in. A lot is unchanged in the last 30-40 years. It is revitalizing now, and much of what I find awesome will go away. I need to get back and get more pictures. There was a lot in this town I wanted, but I was pressed for time.

Discotheque Lounge - Broad Street

Downtown Augusta is Broad Street. There are several strip clubs there that serve liquor and have amazing neon. They were grandfathered in from the 50s and when the owners die, they close down. An awesome sight. I didn't get the night shot of ths one. Incredible action! On the sign!

Not sure what this used to be.

Luigi's is still in business.

A total time capsule. All the shops looked like this when I was a kid. At night, seeing this window display lit up sent me into a spin. They even have a lot of old stock on the shelves. Incredible! And not the only one like this on Broad Street.

A revised sign...

The old Woolworths store.

Where the sign used to be.

A classic.

Miller's Theater is just up from Hale Tiki. Brad says the interior is incredible.

A brief history can be found HERE.

If you had the posters that were in this display, you'd be well off.

The Marine Room is another vintage strip club.

This is a street over from Broad. Not sure what it was for.