U.S. Highway 431

These pics were taken on Hwy 431 from Gadsden, AL all the way through Anniston, AL.

The Holiday Host Motel just outside Gadsden, AL.  It's in a pretty dilapidated state right now due to it's inhabitants so I took pictures of it's best remnants.  Here we have the wonderful sign.  Rooms are $24.95 and can be rented by the hour. 

Here's a great view of the pool area with a barbeque grill sitting out front.

Here's the night view of the sign

The wonderful Pitman Theatre downtown Gadsden, AL.  Now home of a Farmer's Market just open on the weekends.  Such a palace, such a shame.

Oh, the White Palace Cafe also in downtown Gadsden, AL.  Everything is still original from the good 'ol days, except for maybe the ceiling fans.  All the tables, chairs and even the cash register is just as it was.  They still serve blue plate specials 5 days a week.

The Big Chief Diner just outside Gadsden, AL.  Unfortunately they do not turn the neon on at night anymore.

The diner itself is still intact and has never changed after all these years.  The Big Chief burger is HUGE and comes with freshly cut french fries.

The Vann Thomas motel in Anniston, AL. Unfortunately, like the Holiday Host above, this motel is rented out to those that don't take care of it at all.  The pool is no longer in use and the motel itself is in a horrible state of decay.

The Calhoun Theatre in downtown Anniston, AL.

The Goal Post Bar-B-Q in Anniston, AL. The football player on top of the sign kicks the football which goes over the goalpost and continues down all the way until it hits the building - you can just see the small neon footballs along the cording.