Chapman Highway, TN

Swanky used to drive this road every day to work. There was a time when this was the only way to the tourist area, so it still has a lot of old motels and signs. We spent an whole day taking pictures of these signs, only to discover there was no film in the camera! We did get these few. More to come.

Seymour Motel
This nice little motel, like all the old motels on this road, is open. Seymour is the name of the small town half way up the Highway.

Tennessee Valley Skate Center
The skating rink is not open anymore. I bet the neon on the wheels of this sign were animated.
UPDATE 9-1-11: The Rink has been bulldozed to make way for a Lowes.

The Palace Lanes is not open, but seems to be relatively intact. The light fixtures we can see through the windows are great. We are tempted to track down the property owner and make an offer on the sign and things. We could maybe get this sign into the house. Maybe.

The Sunset Motel is one of several small motels along the road. I like the circle hole in this sign. Another one with working neon. They all have been maintained on this road.

Lakeview Motel? What lake? Oh well. Also note the old street lights.

The Way Oma Motel never has a vacancy. In the 6 years I drove this way to work, they never had a vacancy. People must live there. I have no clue what the name is about.

Kay's Ice Cream is a chain of diners around here. You see these giant ice cream cones so much you almost don't think about it. There used to be a boy up on the ladder to the right licking the giant cone. He dissappeared, with his HUGE tongue, about 3-4 years ago. I see the cones often, but the boys on the ladder are mostly gone.