Trader Vic's in the Hilton, downtown Atlanta

We've been here many times and hosted Hukilau 2002 here. It is one of the better remaining examples of this great chain. They are disappearing more and more. It is much as it was in the beginning and the drinks are great. They play the exotica music.

This is a room in the back right side of the restaurant.

One of the carved tiki poles that support this place.

These giant tikis are outside of the street entrance. That entrance is not used much, and many people miss these guys

Tiki Kiliki in one of the booths with a nice little tiki above her.

They still serve the tropical drinks in the special glasses and the menu still features the topless native gals being chased by the men.

Our friend Michael.

The blowfish and other decor of the front bar.

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