Large Puffer Fish Tiki Bar Lamps For Sale

A key part of any tiki bar decor, the puffer fish lamp is a must. The sort of lamp you see at Trader Vic's, Mai Kai, Don the Beachcomber's or Kon Tiki. The ambient glow gives the perfect feel for a tiki bar and the exotic character sets the right tone. They are easy to hang from any ceiling hook. These are real puffer fish from the Philippines.

My lamps have been shipped all over the world and currently hang in Frankie's Tiki Room in Las Vegas, Hula Hula in Seattle and on the set of Survivor Samoa.

Comes with a 6 foot cord with a switch in your choice of brown or black, and 4 watt white bulb.

They are hard to find.

NOTE: Every puffer fish is unique! Yours will look differently than those pictured here.

The Large Puffer Lamp
These are very rare, large and impressive.
Length: 20 inches nose to tip of tail, and about 12 inches belly to top - like a small beach ball

$115 with shipping included. (Domestic only)


Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

These images are stock photos. Your puffer will vary slightly.

Here is a puffer fish lamp in my "Hapa Haole Hideaway" home tiki bar

Don the Beachcomber's Minneapolis with many puffer fish lamps.

I generally have a variety of sizes in stock, so ask if you want something not here or on my Ebay auctions as seller ID
Email me with any questions.