Kids Clothes

Milk and cookies. A candle for bedtime. Honest, this was life in 1957 for kids.

The girl on the right has the same hairstyle my sister had at that time.

This spread leg stance is in a lot of the pictures. The gift above the head is from another age.

Look at the cute twin kitties on that skirt! There's that spread leg stance again. Down at the malt shop.

Pants! Pants! Pants! For girls even! Gay or Hardy, take your pick!

Pants for the tom boys!

Pants for the boy boys! Dig those flannel lined pants with cuffs that match the shirt!

These boys seem to be amused at the thought of playing ball in these clothes.

Da Playas collection 1957.

Swell! Just swell fashions for young lads.

For your little Bill Haley wannabe.