Men's Wear & More!

This is the Golden Age of Women Dressing their Men. These poor suckers wear whatever their wives lay out for them. Well, the guy on the bottom does. The fellow in red looks pretty sporty.

"Say, you don't think there's a gay joke in this picture do you?"

Thank God for the three Martini lunch so we can smile and look happy for this photo shoot.

"Hey, you wanna hear a fag joke?" "Not really. I am gay."

Hey, if I have to wear this sweater, I'm holding these ski poles in a phallic manner!

This looks like a prime young fella to join our red hunting suit cult!

God Bill, I feel so powerful with this shotgun in my hands. Those smart ass bastards down at the Moose Lodge will respect me now! (Note that Spiegel also sold traps!)