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Women's Wear

All four of these women seem to be talking at once, and to no one in particular. None of their eyes meet, and all their mouth's are open. The man's expression is either "here we go again" annoyance, or sheepish amusement.

"Excuse me madame, but your (filthy, low class) elbow is protruding into my space." On the left, the modern woman, on the right, the stuffy old fashioned woman.

This outfit, when worn with the coat as on the left, gives you that silly stern look that only works on the whipped male in your life, or, on the right without the coat, allows you to display your erogant, haughty, waif thin look to annoy the piss out of the thicker, poorer women.

This is how all the women in Paris are wearing their purses this year.

The woman on the left is apparently signaling their dates that it's "Calendar Time" for Doreen and they need to leave early. Or perhaps it's a signal for a 1950's mating ritual.

The look, the feel, the smell of dead animal. Wrap yourself in it for Star Bright Living in '57!

I can just feel the sweat running down the sides of this woman in what must be the thickest, hottest outfit ever.

"Why yes, I could use some help with these buttons."

This was one of the gang signs in the 50's. I beleive this is the "Tweads" gang.

"Pardon me, (hopefully rich, old, dying gentleman) but would you like to join me in drinking some champagne from my shoe?"

GIRL'S NIGHT 1: Imitating women in catalogs.
"Okay, try this one. Hold your arms up."

GIRL'S NIGHT 2: Practice tearing women apart.
"I see you still have your dandruff problem."
"Oh, brown shoes with that outfit is a no-no."
"I can't believe you wore those earrings with that bracelet."

"Yes, well, it is rather embarrassing. The doctor says the slash scars on my wrists will go away in a few weeks."

The feeling you get from this jacket is that you can crush men like grapes. Without it, you are a mild mannered sophisticate.

Here's a nice example of how much wider your waist is if you don't mash it down with your fists.

They thought this high counter would prevent her from flaunting her matching jewelry. Ha!

Joan was such a smartass playing the invisible violin to Marge's sad story.

It's waist whittling!

Looks like her girdle has squeazed her waist so tight her pelvis is bulging.

The figure moulding princess sheath.

"I see what you mean. Sally's breasts shrank down to nothing after her bulemia kicked in."

"Oh yes dear, his penis is this big. Hee-hee."

"Maybe she's right. Brunettes might have more naughty fun. I am so confused."

"If I sit on this rough chair, in this flimsy dress, I will have one itchy butt."

A slim-as-an-arrow satin sheath. In the 50's women bound their hips at age 14 to keep them small.

Stunning ways to pick up a new, young husband at the funeral of your dead, old ex-husband.

Female super heroes of the 50's. Man-crusher, Woman-crusher and Freezer-Ray.

This used to be what all women wore. And in 1957, this was as close to porn as you could get.

Okay, the hassle of nylons and garters wasn't such a bad thing.

The ever popular Toreador. But is this her front or back?

"They make our hips so huge with these skirts, but they don't do a thing for our busts. What's up with that?"

"It's the smell of food honey. Don't you remember it?."

"He's not really a Hollywood producer honey. Just a lousy catalog photographer."

Lovable? Yes. Touchable? No.

All the accessories a fine young debutante needs.

Looks like maybe the gal on the left has her girdle on upside down and backwards.

And they talk about how thin models are now. Look at the size of the waist on the right. They are so weak from lack of food they are having to hold each other up.

Woo Hoo! Hot sexy mamas!

Mom had one of these in the tub when I was a kid. I played with it a lot and had no idea what it was for. Hard to believe such a thing is sold right out in the open!