Gay Street 1960

Knoxville, Tennessee – Then and Now

Gay Street – Knoxville, Tenn.

A 1960 card. There’s just so much here, I had to include blow ups.

Today. All the buildings on the left were destroyed.

Here on the right side we see the Tennessee Theater. It is being restored right now. The movie on the marquee dates the postcard to 1960. The lobby card is below. In the background you can see the Fowlers Building, Woodruffs, Halls and the Sterchi, which is now condos.

On the left we see Dart Drug, Hamilton Bank and a variety of loan and pawn stores.

You can just make out HAMILTON on the building.

You can just make out the Fidelity Banker Trust sign on the building.

The Tennessee is getting a makeover. They still show classic movies here on occasion.

Here are those buildings on the right.