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Books to Own

Tiki Cocktails

Sippin Safari brought us the REAL Zombie recipe and is a great insight into Don the Beachcomber seen through his staff’s lives.

All of Jeff Berry’s research in one book.

Smuggler’s Cove combines great recipes with how to build a great bar and a history of the culture.

Explore Shannon’s take of Tiki.

Garret dissects and expounds upon the basics of cocktail creation.

Arnold Bitner’s book of Donn’s recipes. To be taken with a grain of salt.

Classic Cocktails

Beachbum Berry’s journey into Caribbean cocktails.

Wayne Curtis dives deep into the history of rum and it’s impact in America and the world, seen through the cocktails of the various ages. A wonderful trip through time.

Dave Wondrich’s cocktail time traveler book of drink classics.

The vast cocktail grimoire for the real enthusiast!

Other Books

My hiistory of the Mai-Kai, and Don the Beachcomber. A great book crammed with wonderful images and history.

Sven’s BIG book of Tiki from ancient history to present.

Arnold Bitner’s biography of Donn Beach based mostly on stories from his WWII translator.

Stuff For Your Bar

YOU NEED THIS MIRACLE PILL! We’ve been taking it for years and its amazing. Not some herbs and hocum meant to make you healthier, it is scientifically proven to reduce hangover symptoms to nearly zero (take one after drinking), work as an anti-intoxicant to curb the effects of alcohol taken before drinking (effects vary), and to protect and heal your liver. It fights fatty liver disease.

This is the ideal “jigger” for measuring in a dark Tiki environment. Easy to see from the top, exactly what you are doing.

I use the green one for lime juice. Fits in the mini-fridge door for easy access. Easy pour and clean up.

Fits in the mini-fridge door for easy access. Easy pour and clean up.

Pour spouts for your likker bottles.

I use these for my syrups. They fit in a mini-fridge door with a small footprint. Hold nearly 2 cups. Labels are a great extra.

A MUST for making Tiki drinks. Flash chills and aerates your drinks. The “Electric Swizzler” used by Donn Beach.

Mixology is messy business. Keep the mess contained to clean up easy in a dishwasher or by a dishwasher.

Muddler and bar spooon.


Strainer set

Perfect for serving Black Magic or Mutiny tribute recipes.


Old Fashions, Q.B. Cooler, Mai Tai, Navy Grog, all the best drinks go in these.

Classic Perl Diver glasses.

These add an extra cold touch to your Swizzles.

Eco-friendly and style appropriate bamboo straws.

100 bamboo knot skewers for your garnish game or appetizers, etc.

The ideal way to make perfect snow ice for your Navy Grog ice cones, ice shells and various “carved ice” creations.

A cheaper stand alone shaved ice machine that works great too.

Drink Ingredients

6 inch cinnamon sticks. You need these for your 151 Swizzle and other cocktails.

10 inch cinnamon sticks for your Swizzles.

This syrup has the right flavor, but is too intense. Use half of what recipes call for.

Vanilla syrup.

Simple Syrup.

Stirrings Blood Orange Bitters.

Whole nutmeg.

Li Hing Mui powder


Ginger syrup

Tried them all and still come back to Goslings.

Lemon bitters


Don’s Mix for Zombies.

The classic. Stir it up before using!

Coco Real Coconut cream

When you make your own Allspice Dram.

Tiki Bitters

Almond extract

Agave syrup

Music To Listen To

For Your Tiki Bar Soundtrack

A whole set of classics for your Tiki bar soundtrack.

The Hawaiian master at his finest. Discovered by Bob Hope at Don the Beachcomber’s

The music of Toti, the founder of the Mai-Kai show.

For Building Your Tiki Bar

6-pack of dimmable mini lights with remote.

Gaffers tape to hide wires and other things in your bar.

Dimmer for those mini lights.

Extension cords for the mini lights.

2 light set with dimmer.

4 mini light set with dimmer.

Small multi-plug outlet extender in black.

A portion of all sales goes to support this site.
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