Knox Motel

Knoxville, Tennessee – Then and Now

Knox Motel – 7 miles north on Highway 25W

One of two great signs! Notice on the left you can just see another building. It turns out to be the Clark Motel.

Here it is today. The signs are both gone. It is still renting rooms though.

You can see the tree tops behind the motel and know it’s early Spring. Gray skies. No one is going in that pool!

Notice the “TV” tower back there…

Is this it on the Clark next door?

Looks like more gals by the pool. Someone had some daughters, or good friends, or…

Here you see the little building where the sign was and the left of the courtyard.

This was where the old building and sign was I guess.

More of the Clark next door. Notice the neon arrow on the side that used to “point” by crunching and growing. The last time I was there at night (maybe 1990) the neon on the TV was still barely working. I wonder if it is today.

Well, here it is in a later card with the TV tower and no awning.

Here is a later one with the awning and the tower. Those trees got a lot bigger!

And two earlier cards with no tower. I vote that it was from the Knox Motel.

The motel.

An old sign next door.