Sharp’s Motel & Grill

Knoxville, Tennessee – Then and Now

Sharp’s Motel & Grill

From the age of the Interstate. The car is mid-50’s vintage in the big picture, but that Ranchero in front of the Grill looks rough. 8 1/2 miles from downtown Knoxville on Hwy 11-70.

It is now the location of the best Middle Eastern food in Knoxville at Ali Baba’s Time Out Deli.

This is all that remains of the hotel. For many years I have wondered about this bit of hotel, and for years I had wondered where Sharp’s was.

This little shopping center almost looks like part of the hotel, but it’s not. It stands where it was.

Another view of the restaurant and remaining hotel.

An older linen card of Sharp’s.

Another vintage card view. Notice it’s the same car in this view, but there is no fence around the pool. This is an earlier image and maybe that car belongs to the photographer?

This card is postmarked 1956 and says the hotel was finished in 1954.