terrace view motor lodge

Knoxville, Tennessee – Then and Now

terrace view motor lodge – 6500 Kingston Pike on Bearden Hill

terrace view
“Polly Bergen’s Dress Shop on premises”

There are no cars to guess the age of this place, but I have dim memories of it sitting on Bearden Hill when I was a kid. The interior in this shot is awesome and points to a 50’s to 60’s era. 7 digit phone number, but area code is “TWX”

Four older cards that show it when it was Terrace View Court.

The top picture is the best I can do. On the bottom is what I think was the drive.

This looks like it used to lead to the rooms section.

And I think this is the basement of what used to be the main building.

UPDATE 2019: The above images were from 2003. None of this exists today. The property has been redeveloped.