These are the artists who have contributed to the Tiki Daze project:

Mookie Sato
Mookie Art
Sheik of Araby
Roco Pictures
Mookie loves Classic cartoons and toys, and the music of the 20's through the 60's. He is an Illustrator and graphic designer in Japan. He has designed video games for SEGA. He has created many animations for TV, movies, computer games and more. His cartoons on on the Shockwave Japan site have been awarded the Grand Prize and stayed as the top of the viewers choices for months on end. We are happy to be debuting his artwork for the tiki community.

Frostiki is the husband and wife team of Jason & Tina Frostholm, both art directors in Mobile, Alabama.  Their love of all things tiki, their creative inclinations, and their last name all melted together to form the entity known as Frostiki. They offer a collection of prints, paintings, carvings and more great things yet to come.  Check out their website from time to time; there are new things around the corner every day.  Like a good Mai Tai, they’re a taste of the taste of the tropics...chilled.

Jonathan Chaffin
Horror in Clay
Jonathan loves Stuff. What stuff? Kitsch, clutter, horror clichés, the over-exposure to books, movies, magazines, and the randomly assorted detritus of pop culture. Polynesian-Pop has a special place in his heart because of the unabashed combination of, well, whatever washed up on the beach with a sense of fun and style.  Anything that takes people out of themselves, that can allow Joe Corporate to rekindle some of the joy and mystery of life, can only be counted as a boon.  Sharing Tiki style environments and libations with friends new and old is a pure joy.  The only thing he enjoys more than Tiki mugs (or bowls), are the delicious concoctions inside." 

Jonathan "Atari" Chaffin is, in no particular order, a BFA of Graphic Design graduate, a detail-oriented Capricorn, a huge fan of Halloween, an amateur prop builder, a typography nerd, and in no particular order. He currently lives and works as a graphic designer in Atlanta with his new wife.  The sobriquet of "Atari" has a very interesting story behind it which I will happily relate over cocktails sometime. "

Mark remembers his first encounter with the world of tiki vividly. He was 5 years old and, intrigued by the cover art, played his mother's Arthur Lyman album "Bahia." From the first bird call he was hooked. Mark spent all of his 20's and early 30's honing his skills as a jazz pianist in his home town of San Diego, California where he founded a successful salsa band. For more than 8 years, Mark's band toured, recorded and performed regularly at their home base--the famous Croce's Jazz Bar in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter. During that time, Mark worked as music director and producer for numerous local recording and performing projects as well has his own. Today, Mark works as a public relations executive at one of Los Angeles' largest non-profit mental health care providers where his office is decorated with tiki mugs and exotica album art. Most recently, Mark joined the Tikiyaki Orchestra.

The Swank Pad
Swanky believes that creating is the meaning of life. Creating art. Creating great tiki events. Creating friendships. Creating community. Being and becoming. For this project, he created the photography that was the springboard for these great graphic designers to jump off.

If you are a graphic designer who would like to work on future Tiki Daze projects, drop Swanky an email. We are already working on the 2009 design!