32 Tracks of classic vinyl Exotica

This CD is a sampling of the three foot pile of records we have collected over the years. It covers the spectrum from slow quiet Hawaiian to fast Tahitian to the lounge versions of the same. These are the records of a generation that wanted to have a little reminder of that “South Seas Island Magic.” The sound quality isn’t always the best, but the memories aren’t always clear either. This CD is about a time and place gone by. We can relive it through this music and our Mai Tai’s served in vintage mugs.

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Track Listing:

1) Sam Makia - Hukilau Song

2) Alfred Apaka - Aloha Week Hula

3) Kodak Hula Show - Hoonanea

4) Leo Addeo - Isle of Paradise

5) Polynesia! - Minoi Minoi

6) Sam Makia – Little Brown Gal

7) Waikiki Boys - Luau Song

8) Werner Muller - Aloha Oe

9) Joey Byrd - Tangi Tahiti

10) Les Brown - Bali Hai

11) Ports of Paradise - My Little Grass Shack

12) Alfred Apaka - Lovely Hula Hands

13) Johnny Aluani – Aloha

14) Billy Mure - Hawaiian Paradise

15) Polynesia! - Tanga Tika

16) Kodak Hula Show – E Lilui E

17) Norman Luboff - Papio

18) Polynesia! - Papio

19) Billy Mure - On The Beach at Waikiki

20) Alfred Apaka - Narcissus Queen

21) Webley Edwards - Canoe Song

22) Norman Luboff – Tamure

23) Marty Robbins - Sweet Leilani

24) Sam Makia – Hawaiian Hospitality

25) Polynesia! - Tamure

26) Waikiki Boys - I'll See You in Hawaii

27) Billy Mure - Kalua

28) Webley Edwards – Sharkskin Drums

29) Alfred Apaka - Queen's Hula

30) Henri Rene - Mangos

31) Kodak Hula Show - Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai

32) Alfred Apaka - Hukilau Song

* there is also a beginning and ending track not shown here. Very short.

Click here to download Charles Mauu & The Royal Polynesians doing Papio from the Polynesia LP

Click here to download Sam Makia and his Waikiki Boys doing The Hukilau Song

Almost 80 minutes of music, Hand picked from dozens of records

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