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Swank Pad's Google Map of Vintage Knoxville

Mai-Kai Book
Swanky has written a book about the Mai-Kai. Pre-order it HERE and check out the new website HERE.

Swank Pad Blog

Swank Pad Blather
The Swank Pad's blog for the latest news, findings, musings and discoveries of vintage, morder, Tiki and various oddities!


The Grogalizer
My companion site for "The Grog Log", "Intoxica" and all The Bum's Tiki drink books. Helps you find the recipes you can make from these great books.

Mai-Kai Calendar Girls

Mai-Kai Calendar Girls
My collection of Mai-Kai calendars and bits of the history of the girls.

Tennessee Tiki History
The history of Tiki in Tennessee.

Vintage Knoxville

Best Vintage Knoxville Guide
The Swank Pad's guide to Vintage Shopping, touring, drinking, eating and sightseeing in Knoxville.

1967 Avion Camper Brochure
See the wonders of vintage camping in a silver vacation home on wheels!

Folly Beach

Follynesia Folly Beach Vacation Rental
The Swank Pad is offering a Polynesian Tiki themed beach rental in Folly Beach just outside Charleston SC. Close to everything and greatly affordable.
Folly Beach Ocean View Condo For Sale by Owner.

Mai-Kai: The Postcards
The complete collection of known Mai-Kai postcards


Spiegel 1969
The 1969 Spiegel catalog. First we had the Fembots, now we see where they live, and how they treat the men and children


Attack of the Fembots!
Where serious megalomaniac scientists go to dress their luscious robot army! These images are real. Women wore these things.

1957 Spiegel Catalog
The beautiful world of Star Bright Living. An incredible view of the height of style of the generation!

1951 Household magazine
The oddities of life in 1951. Ads that are from another era.

Knoxville Then & Now
Urban Archeology in Knoxville, TN. I take vintage postcards of diners and motels and find what exists of those locations today. Sometimes the entire building is there, others there is nothing, and many have a tantalizing remnant of their former glory.

The Ultra Rare Tiki Gardens Souvenir LP
Sorry, the MP3's have been removed at the request of the owner of the copyrights.

The Building of Hale Tiki
A modern classic tiki bar in Augusta, GA. Swanky, Bamboo Ben, Crazy Al and Basement Kahuna spent a week building out the bar and turned a old shell into a masterpiece Sven Kirsten called one of the finest bars built in recent times.

Hapa Haole Hideaway Tiki Bar Tour
A tour of my home tiki bar

The 1961 Corvair catalog. Fun at any speed.

Vanishing 50s America
Hotels, Homes, Diners, Signs, Architecture and more of what remains of a more beautiful time in America. As I travel, I document it's vanishing past.

The American Home
Fun views from 1957 Better Homes and Gardens - Incredible furniture and great designs from the height of 1950's culture, at which I take pot shots and poke fun.

Retro Tiki Wall Calendar!

The Swank Vinyl Exotica CD
32 Tracks of vintage vinyl for your tiki bar soundtrack. From Werner Muller to Charles Mauu and many points in between.

The Swank Vinyl Exotica CD II
30 Tracks of vintage vinyl for your tiki bar soundtrack. The exotic mood of the classic tiki bar is recreated from vintage vinyl.

Hukilau 2002 in Atlanta
I started this tiki event Hukilau in 2002. It was such a huge success, it continues to theis day! Voted best event of the year by Creative Loafing Mazagine.

Hukilau 2003 at the Mai-Kai
The first year Hukilau was held at the Mai-Kai. Co-organized by Bre-elle and Tristan Ishtar, Hukilau found its new home with the incredible aloha of the Mai-Kai family.

Puffer Fish Tiki Bar Lamps For Sale
A key part of any tiki bar, the Swank Pad is glad to now sell puffer fish lamps direct to you.

Hukilau 2004 at the Mai-Kai
The year of the huricane at Hukilau. The best year for Hukilau, and Jeanne hit us!

Caption the Cartoon Contest
Classic cheesecake cartoons of Bill Ward in a quarterly contest to come up with the best new caption. Winner receives a custom CD of Swank Pad lounge classics


Mango Fever!
Some eat mango. we drink it! Here's how to prepare it for either.

Swank Pad Productions
Presenting our own line of custom cermamics produced under license with the Mai-Kai and art objexts of all kinds from the Tiki Collective!

Mail Swanky

The Swank Pad is the invention of Tim "Swanky" Glazner. He began turning his collections and interests into web pages many years ago when the internet was a baby. He is the historian of the Mai-Kai and wrote a book on it. He is co-creator and organizer of the largest Tiki event in the East, Hukilau. He also writes for Tiki Magazine and started the first tiki carving classes, "Coon Tiki". He was named "Best Mixologist" by Metropulse magazine in 2009 and is head bartender at the Hapa Haole Hideaway in Knoxville. He is currently researching a book on the Don the Beachcomber, producing his first tiki mug and various other projects, yet to be public.

So you want to use some images from The Swank Pad? Ok. You can, IF you credit The Swank Pad with a link and you download the images and put them on your server rather than linking to The Swank Pad images directly. And drop me a line too. Thanks! -Swanky aka Tim Glazner