30 Tracks of classic vinyl Exotica

This CD is a second sampling of the now four foot pile of records. Ideas have changed, as have standards. This CD is the slower, more beautiful side of Polynesian music. More Hapa Hoale than lounge. The ideal soundtrack for the true tiki bar experience. Better equipment and better sound as well. The music to sip a Fog Cutter to in a dimly lit South Sea Island paradise.

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Track Listing:

1) Lani McIntire - Hula Chant

2) Alfred Apaka - Lehuanani

3) Arthur Godfrey - Hukilau

4) Axel Stordahl - The Hukilau Song

5) Axel Stordahl - I Hear Hawaii Calling

6) Eddie Lund - Tahatai Pofai

7) Chongo and His Polynesians - Maruru A Vaw

8) Eden Ahbez - The Old Boat

9) Gene Rains - Mapuana

10) George Cates - The Moon of Manakoora

11) Readers Digest - Hawaii is Waiting for You

12) Sam Makia - Blue Lei

13) Axel Stordahl - My Tani

14) Terorotua and his Tahitians - Vini Vini

15) Hawaiian Holiday - South Sea Island Magic

16) Luau at the Hawaiian Village - Opening/Waikiki

17) Alfred Apaka - Dark Moon

18) Arthur Godfrey - Wahine

19) Sam Makia - Yellow Ginger Lei

20) Axel Stordahl - Paradise Isle

21) Eddie Lund - Selani

22) Chongo and His Polynesians - Vana Vana

23) Eden Ahbez - Edenís Cove

24) Luau at the Hawaiian Village - Hii Lave

25) Gene Rains - Tiki

26) George Cates - Now is the Hour

27) Kodak Hula Show - Kawika

28) Terorutoa and his Tahitians - To To To E

29) Lani McIntire - Love Fire

30) Webley Edwards - The Call of Old Hawaii

Click here to download Ray Kinney at the Hawaiian Village Luau's Opening and "Waikiki"

Click here to download Axel Stordahl's "Paradise Isle"

Almost 80 minutes of music, Hand picked from dozens of records

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