Dwarf Restaurant

Knoxville, Tennessee – Then and Now

Dwarf Restaurant

6109 Clinton Highway

Dwarf Restaurant

This one took a while to figure out because there were 2 Dwarf Restaurants and I was looking for the other one just based on the building and all I knew was it was on Clinton Highway.

Dwarf 1955

This card was dated 1955, but looks older. Very different from the first card.

The building above on Clinton Hwy was one of the locations, the other was at the corner of Merchants and Clinton Hwy and that building has been heavily renovated.

The top Dwarf location also shows the Tate Motel in the background.

Below is the Dwarf lot as it was. A lot of junk cars are stored there. It has been cleaned up a bit since this picture.

Dwarf matchbook

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