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The Swank Pad is the invention of Tim “Swanky” Glazner. He began turning his collections and interests into web pages many years ago when the internet was a baby. He is the historian of the Mai-Kai and wrote a book on it. He is co-creator and former organizer of the largest Tiki event in the East, Hukilau. He also wrote for Tiki Magazine and started the first tiki carving classes, “Coon Tiki”. He was named “Best Mixologist” by Metropulse magazine in 2009 and is head bartender at the Hapa Haole Hideaway in Knoxville. He is currently working on a book and documentary on Don the Beachcomber, and various other projects, yet to be public. 

So you want to use some images from The Swank Pad? Ok. You can, IF you credit The Swank Pad with a link and you download the images and put them on your server rather than linking to The Swank Pad images directly. And drop me a line too. Thanks!

-Swanky aka Tim Glazner