Swanky is Tim Glazner, co-creator and organizer of Hukilau and collector of Polynesian Pop. He created the first carving seminar for Tiki carvers and helped organize Tiki Eyeball at the Aku Tiki Room in Illinois and other events. He is author of Mai-Kai: History & Mystery of the Iconic Tiki Restaurant. He is the creator of the Grogalizer site for helping you try all of Beachbum Berry’s cocktails. He produced the Tiki Daze calendar and was voted “Best Mixologist” by Metro Pulse magazine. He produced a line of Tiki bowls in cooperation with the Mai-Kai celebrating that great institution. He has lectured around the country and been invited to speak around the world. He is into Midcentury culture and Tiki is a part of that.

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  1. Clark motel and the laundromat(oval sign) was torn down in the last 5 years. Knox Motel still rents out as apartments.

  2. I loved the Brother Jack article. I used to live in Knoxville thru 1985. I worked at a printing shop thru college at UT. I printed those business cards. We traded Tip ribs & Pigburgers for the business cards. I was always sent to pick up the food. Tip always had a pistol in his pocket and would offer Moonshine in a gallon milk jug & a Sprite when I went in. He would trim the ribs & grind the scraps for the Pigburgers and made them in an electric skillit. He had an very large original Coca-Cola art print in the store & around the walls was written in red paint . No Cussin’, No spittin’, no hair combing. He would drink too much and his wife, we called her Mrs Jack, would take over. Best sauce ever. Miss a good Screaming PigBurger!

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