Baby Lu-Lu Brings You Jesus

This is Baby Lu-Lu. Don’t be fooled, she’s only 3 1/2 years old. This record is hard to listen to. You should get a patch for your jacket for making it through. I should get something besides your scorn for bringing it to you!

Their story.

I cannot help but imagine Baby Lu-Lu and Daddy in bed when I hear this. Now you won’t be able to not think about that.

They were evangelists in Memphis. Their home address and phone number are on the record.

Mimi FuFu
Pepi Lapue

When it comes to album oddities, this is right up there near the top. I have records of sound effects and bird calls and all sorts of things. None of that is in the strata with Baby Lu-Lu.

Side 1 Tracks
Side 2 Tracks

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