The Chest of John Talbot Clifton

An oft overlooked piece in our home Tiki bar is this flat top chest. In the dark bar, you might not even know it is there.

It belonged to Col. John Talbot Clifton (1819-1882) of Lytham Hall, Lytham, Lancashire. Note the red wax which had been a seal at some time. There are several on the chest.

Lytham Hall

More remnants of wax seals and luggage tags.

He was born into a prestigious Lancashire family, the son of Thomas Joseph Clifton of Lytham Hall, Lytham, Lancashire and his wife Hatty Treves. He was educated at Eton College and Christ Church, Oxford and succeeded his father to the Lytham estate in 1851.

He served as a Justice of the Peace and Deputy Lieutenant for Lancashire and was Colonel of the 1st Royal Lancashire Militia (The Duke of Lancaster’s Own). He was elected to Parliament as MP for North Lancashire for 1844–1847, but was a losing candidate in the 1859 election for Preston. He was appointed High Sheriff of Lancashire for 1853.

Clifton died in Algeria in 1882 and was buried at St Cuthberts church, Lytham. He had married Lady Eleanor Cecily Lowther, daughter of Col. Henry Cecil Lowther. He was succeeded by his grandson John Talbot Clifton, his only son, Thomas Henry, who was also MP for North Lancashire, having predeceased him by two years.

Perhaps this case was in Algiers with him when he passed.

I imagine the interior was nicer at one time. Now it has been reworked using an old shipping case.

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