Vintage Don Q Puerto Rican 151 Rum – A Tasting

I knew Don Q Rums mainly as the rum inside my vintage Mai-Kai decanter. It was in ads that touted the Mai-Kai‘s Derby Daiquiri.

Ms. Swanky got me this sealed vintage bottle for Christmas this year and I was eager to try it. Rums of today just don’t compare to those of 40 years ago I am told. The rums they used to mix with then, we would consider only for sipping on the rocks today.

And anyone who has spent much time mixing drinks knows that Bacardi 151 is essentially best served on fire. Lemon Hart 151 is the only thing out there with a good flavor for mixing. Want to test that? Try a “151 Swizzle” using each, side by side. Look at the ratings on the Grogalizer and you see clearly who used what as the grades for the drink are all 1’s and 10’s!

So, with that backdrop, I wanted to see where this 151 stood.

I started with the Lemon Hart as a baseline. It has an immediate and strong caramel flavor. Oo, and there’s the burn! Yep, that’s 151 proof! A hazardous material you can’t send via plane. But, compared with the Bacardi, it’s mighty tasty.

Now to the 40 year old bottle of Don Q. A much milder flavor. Yes, a flavor! And not moist socks. It’s light and nice. Sort of like a really smooth and yummy gold rum. Better than Appleton Gold. And then I swallowed. Ouch.

It’s in between the strong flavor of the Lemon Hart and the blech flavor of Bacardi. That is, it won’t give the powerful punch of Lemon Hart. But it is good. It’s nice. I may have to get out the aluminum cups and cinnamon sticks and mix us some “151 Swizzles” to get an even better idea.

Thanks Santa!

7 Replies to “Vintage Don Q Puerto Rican 151 Rum – A Tasting”

  1. Can you tell me how or where to purchase a bottle or two of the DonQ 151 Puerto Rican Rum? I have been searching for a year for this for my 80 year old Father. This is all he asked for Christmas this year and I would love to get it for him for his upcoming birthday. We can’t find it anywhere? Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thank you! Jr

  2. I too would like to purchase this Don Q rum, if you could tell me where to buy it I would really appreciate it. thanks much

  3. Could you please tell me what year was Don q 151 Rum made with the black and white label and white cap? Thank you!

  4. i have a bottle, an original black label red lettering first 5 years produced. for sale call 812 230 1737

  5. I have a bottle of 151 Don Q, which I am willing to part with for about $200. Yes it is a steep price, but I only have 2 bottles left. Will only ship via UPS ground. Serious inquiries only please.

  6. Well, it looks like Destileria Serralles is re-introducing a DonQ 151°, again. I see The Rum Collective is hosting a couple of “DonQ 151: A Premiere Tasting and Launch Party” events, on Jan. 17 and 18, in the SeaTac area. I’ll watch for feedback. But I would be especially interested, Swanky, if you still have some of the vintage Don Q 151 left, and could do a comparison with the newly launched version (when it becomes available).

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