Caught White Handed

Yesterday I used up the last of a 5 gallon bucket of joint compound and set it out by the garbage cans. Today, I went to throw something away and found the evidence. We knew there were racoons in the neighbor hood…

The little bugger was trying to pry open the trash cans using the bucket to reach!

You Tubery

I spent most of the last week on the couch with a nasty cold. It gave me time to look around You Tube and find some videos I want to share. If you have some time to watch. The first video of Lani McIntyre I think might be shot at the Hawaiian Room in the Hotel Lexington and just maybe the lead dancer is none other than Pualani Avon who danced for us at the Mai Kai for Hukilau 2004. This is a playlist, so you can skip to other videos by mousing over the bottom of the screen.

Molokai Bar Mai-Kai Menu

Just when you think you know what’s out there, something else comes along. Until about a month ago, I had never seen this menu. It is the “missing link” in a way. Oddly missing from the Mai-Kai drink menu that we all have seen that is dated 1957, is the Mystery Drink. That led to wondering if the Mystery Drink was around in 1956 when they opened. This is perhaps the answer. On this menu, dated 1959, is the Mystery Drink. There was a separate menu for the Molokai and that’s where the drink was ordered. It is dated 1959 and not 1957. We had this dated menu from 1958, so, this menu doesn’t get us closer to 1957 for the Mystery Drink, just firms up the evidence. One interesting thing from the mini menu is the image of the Mystery Drink. It is the kneeling girl bowl that was common among many bars.


That bowl is seen in this image from the Mai-Kai which is surely Annie Campbell:

UPDATE: This is NOT Ann Campbell. Get the Mai-Kai book and find out who it really is.


So, perhaps the Mystery Drink started in 1956 when the Mai-Kai opened, and the Mai-Kai Mystery Bowl appeared a little later…

UPDATE: The whole story of the Mystery Drink is in the book.