Hideaway Bar Top Install

More help from Tiki 65 Saturday. We had to rehang the thatch over the bar. The support hook was not to our satisfaction and a few other tweaks. That was done. The big job was the bar top install.

We chose to cover the bar in hardwood flooring. 6′ X 7.5″ pieces.

With each end of the bar angled to match the wall and the support beam, it required a lot of custom cuts. We glued them down, and ran screws up from underneath to hold it in place to the 3/4 plywood.

Once the front row was installed, being very sure of the fit, it made the rest fit in lpace fairly easily.

11 foot bar, that’s near 3 feet deep, meant a lot of looking at flooring. We found what we wanted, and it turned out that one box would cover the whole bar. That was a very lucky break on this special order. We could not have bought another piece. Sahara is the color and it is very close to the look of the bar and tables at the Mai Kai. Ours has square pegs in it. It is hand scraped and faux aged bamboo. We tested a scrap piece by leaving a glass of ice water sitting on it for 24 hours. No change. No water penetrated.

I also reworked the foot rest. Picked to good straight pieces of 5 inch bamboo and cut them to match. We’ll do a little decoraing on them and screw them in when we do the bar front later.

The bar moulding is cut and ready to go. Maybe stain it today. Looking to start the back bar now and tile it and install the sink, etc.

More detail at Tiki Central.

Hideaway Update

It’s been slow going. Leaks have kept us from going forward with much energy. Got a bit done this weekend and hope to get and keep some momentum.

Did some finishing under the thatch. Where I had painted the ceiling black had to be painted back to match the wall.

The new white door had to be fixed. Painted the inner edges the burnt orange from the walls.

Painted the brown around the edges and cut and glued some fijian tapa cloth on the high areas. Had a very whacky 70’s vibe at this point.

Added this tiki and it worked well. Took away that weird 70’s vibe.

Ms. Swanky found a bunch of this fabric on Ebay and covered all the stools and we put it up as curtains over the back window in the Tapa Room.

The whole process is seen HERE on Tiki Central.

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