Cruel Mother Nature

Spring came early this year. A year ago on April 1st we were in the mountains at Coon Tiki and nothing was in bloom and it was a little cool. This April 1st, everything was in bloom and it was in the 80s and 90s.


It was hot for weeks. Everything started blooming from the Azaleas to the Dogwoods.



Tulips bloomed beside Iris and that never happens.


Wisteria, everything was blooming. It was just Spring flowers like crazy!


And then it snowed last night and hit about 30. Will be in the upper 20’s the next few nights and every bloom on every tree and bush will be dead. Thanks Mother Nature!

Tiki Gardening

Not to be confused with Tiki Gardens, the theme park in Florida. It’s a natural extension of the tiki lounge in your home, to add tiki gardens in your yard. If you live in Florida or south Georgia or the Carolinas, etc., this may be fairly easy. If you live north, it gets tougher, but it’s all the more rewarding. I also say it’s in the true spirit of tiki to create a tropical oasis far from the tropics.

I suggest starting your search at Hardy Tropicals. They specialize in a variety of plants that can thrive way up into Canada! I have bought a lot from them this year and I am very happy with the plants and the info they send with them.

This year Home Depot and Lowes have both brought in a much greater variety of tropicals including carrying hardy Gardenias past the Spring, which I have not seen before. With these sources I now have six types of palms in the yard, and 3 types of banana trees. Some will have to winter in the basement, but many are hardy and I plan to get more hardy stuff in the future.

Banana TreeThe extra cool thing is that these big stores are getting in a lot of tropicals and then marking them down. I got this banana tree for $23. They only got it in the store a week ago and now it is 1/2 price. It’s huge!

MonsteraSo visit your large hardware store’s plant sections regularly and look for great deals on cool tropicals. Maybe you’ll find a 2 foot Monstera labeled as a Philedendron for $3 too!