Kahiki Collection

Post Card

A postcard of dinner at the Kahiki. Are you sure it’s the Kahiki? Why, yes, it says so right on the pig!


But to a collector, this is a laundry list of things to strive for.



Penang #1 Drink mug – Paul Marshal “Peanut” mug. Unmarked, these are very common.

Port Light


Starboard Light glass by Imperial Glass Company, used by many Polynesian places.



Native Nectar – Coconut mug – Marked on the bottom

salt and pepper

Salt and Pepper shakers – there were at least 5 types used at the Kahiki  – usually marked and not too hard to find


Necklace? Often hard to find, they are being seen more often. Marked.

kahiki necklace


Silverware, marked Kahiki

kahiki forks


kahiki knife

kahiki spoons



Mystery Blossom drink glass – The “Martiki” in saucer form by Morgantown – unmarked


Malayan Mist drink glass – unmarked


Chairs -generally found in Columbus, but likely all long gone


Tables – many in use at the Tropical Bistro



Ashtrays – sometimes marked


Sauce jar, lidded and marked




Menus – there are at least 3 types of drink menus out there. This looks like the 1961 version in the postcard. Later version above.

Idol’s Cast

Idol’s Cast bowl by Hoffman Pottery – two varieties (or more)



Lamps – by HiTiki? – several types



Zombie glass holder – extremely rare


 What do you collect? Me, I have a postcard or two, and a menu or two, and a mug or two…

Every piece brings more clues.

Kahiki – Lush Life

Kahiki Life Detail of a Kahiki postcard. Man, that’s the life.

The Basement Kahuna Collection

Basement Kahuna is a top big game hunter in the tiki world. The collection of artifacts he uncovered in just a few months was astounding. He has sold off his mugs and many other things and these days is only keeping postcards. While he was visiting last weekend, I asked to scan his most rare items, and here they are:


The tikis at Busch Gardens


Witco Fountain in situ at the B-Hive in Sanibel Island, FL.

Akua Motor Lodge

Akua Motor Hotel, Anaheim.


Bahia Motel Anaheim

Hawaiian Cottage

Hawaiian Cottage – NJ

Mon Tiki 1

Mon Tiki – Quebec Canada

Mon Tiki 2

Mon Tiki – Quebec

Palmer House

Palmer House Trader Vic’s – Chicago with a nice big Barney West carving in back on the right.

Tan Tar A

Tan Tar A Ski Lodge – Osage Beach, MO?

Tan Tara

Yes! Tan Tar A!

Quality Inn

Quality Inn Bahia Beach – Ruskin, FL with Witco

Sheraton Gibson

A great carving at the Sheraton Gibson Hotel – Cinncinati, OH

Tiki Gardens

Tiki Gardens at night.

Hot Rod Hula Hop 2 – Columbus, OH

FezHot Rod Hula Hop 2 – Men in Fezes

Second year for this event was funner and more hectic than last year. We Honui brothers of the Fraternal Order of Moai recieved our fezes. Something about that is like being in gang colors, but without the danger. Belonging. All weekend I saw people in their fezes and I didn’t know them really, but I knew they were brothers. Nice.

JimThe Friday night “Feast of the Tiki Gods” was a real treat. The moment I walked in I was transported to that special tiki place I have visited many times. Great food, great friends and great drinks made by Kahiki barmaster Jim, seen here. Plus live music that was great. It’s a special thing to walk up to the musician and drop a buck in the tip jar and ask for “Henehene Kou Aka” and he tears right into it. That’s rare.

BistorThe feast was a sell out and the food really was good. As good a buffet as I have had.

HoffaAlways good to see Hoffa. He drove up from Fort Lauderdale. The man has a passion. He used to live near the Kahiki and moved to Lauderdale under condition that he be in walking distance to the Mai Kai.

hood carThis was a stand out for the car show to me. Great details and a great theme on this car.

dancerlightsLargo’s had a nice decor for the show. Fishermen and the Barnyard Burlesque were standouts for me. When are these guys coming to Hukilau?