New discovery: photographs… on paper!

I got a digital camera a few years ago. Before that I had a nice 35mm camera and took a few pictures when the mood hit me. But since the digital came along, pictures now piled up on the computer. Thousands of pictures.

I made a nice screen saver of all the pictures of the dogcats. Occasionally converted them to web site use.

But the pile…

I decided the time had come to actually have pictures in my hands that I could share at with friends at work, at parties, in the car and around town. Trade with firends and collect all 12!

What I discovered was that the folks at Walgreens had made it darned easy to upload all the pictures I wanted, share with friends and click on a few and tell them to be magically transferred to paper at the Walgreens of my choosing in a jiffy.

Screw Flickr and and all those other sites. Can they print any picture I want down the street in a few minutes? No. Well, maybe. I have not checked recently.

But this works great, even if you are on vacation. Upload from the laptop and figure out the closest Walgreens.

I still hate the bastards for destroying the Kahiki however.

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