Summer is over, let’s start Fall planning?

How far into summer are we? Three weeks? Two? I recall the first day of summer was not too long ago. I am planning my luau at the end of the month and figured I might get another one in maybe in September. These days it hardly gets cold in October really.

I bought tons of tropical plants on sale in the last couple of weeks. I got a few things like table clothes and napkins at the stores.

But I went to get more stuff I had seen at Party City last weekend, only to find the summer stuff shelves looked like communist Russia. I went to Big Lots to grab one of those awful tiki buckets to put a drink mix in, and, where did everything go? Where are the racks of tacky tiki crap? I went to Hobby Lobby and was eyeing the plastic foliage and wandering the aisles, hoping to get a “notion’ when I saw the culprit. Fall. Yes, the fall decor of scarecrows and autumn leaves now occupied three large aisles! I had freaking missed the two weeks of summer! Fall is on us! I’ve barely finished off the hot dogs and chilli from the 4th of July!

Know what’s worse? Freakin’ Christmas crap is out too!

In this fubar world where the current fashions on the rack at Walmart look like what was on the rack (and I hated) in the 1970’s and I hear that 1980’s fashion is on the rise, I begin to wonder when current fashion will be the fashion and what that will mean. Baggy skater pants? But they are still wearing that! And we start Fall and Winter fashions and decor two weeks into summer. What’s current is from the recent past and catching up and what is in the stores is for the future, months away. Good god, what is wrong with this world? They can’t think of things to sell us fast enough!

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  1. I noticed this phenomenon last night at Target. All of the summer stuff is nearly gone or is on clearance. AND, to put salt in the wound, they also have the “Back to School” crap out (eg., backpacks, school supplies, school uniforms)! What the hell?!

  2. It’s only gotten worse. I went by Party City, Target and a few crafty type stores this weekend and we are much further in the “summer is gone and on clearance” hole. Fall foliage and fake pumpkins are now crowding the aisles, and yes, mutha-flukin Halloween. Three and a half months away, it’s time to get your scare on. Sheesh. It just makes me wonder who the hell are these people who buy this stuff? I can guess. Grandma who has nothing to do all day but decorate for the season. Wives whose family income allows them to do the same. Makes me sick. Why? Because it doesn’t just underscore a huge consumerism. People who are out buying this stuff at full price, months ahead of time. I mean, come on. Anyone buying this stuff has a basement or attic full of the stuff from alst year and the year before! But! not only do they have lots of money to waste, they have an enormous amount of time to waste. Godalmighty I wish I had either one. And I would not spend it crafting a 3 foot scarecrow and fake fall foliage into a cutesy lawn diorama!

    I need to calm down. Stuff like this makes me hate everyone. But really, it’s a self loathing. Why can’t I be rich and fat with free time? Give me that money and time and come Halloween, even adults would fear my house and yard. Disney would come by for tips on making scary decor! Argh.

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