A good laugh

I read a number of the comments on this site and got a good laugh. This particular one just has everything. It’s a real classic. I have stated my disdain for the Intelligent Design idea a long time ago. I believe it was discussed and tossed out a few hundred years ago. This is the current farce created to mock the current ridiculous notion called Intelligent Design. It has allowed a lot of uber Christians to show their lack of intelligence. Every religion has them. And they don’t represent the religion. But they do make for some damned funny reading.

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  1. Hey guys…this is seriously hilarious. The guy’s name is not really Casey Powell by the way, its actually Robert Patrick. I work with him and know him personally, he’s a real jerk. He’s even lying about his name! Send him a ton of e-mail though this is hilarious.

    Jim Brumann

  2. Well this is just odd. The email address on the above comment is the same as that used by Casey Powell. So is this comment actually from Casey? The plot thickens… The IP address is from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation though, not the Marines. The IP he used before was traced to Washington DC.

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