CocktailDB has upgraded

I had not been there in a while, but wandered over looking for a recipe online. I noticed they have made nice additions to the look of the site, but a big new upgrade is the ability to scale a drink recipe. If you are making Mai Tais for 20, this is very handy. It’s smart because it not only tells you how many ounces of everything you need, but how many bottles. A great tool! Here is their Mai Tai page, which has Grenadine in it for some reason…

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  1. CocktailDB is truly one of the Greatest Websites Ever Created! One of the greatest after The Swankpad, SwankBlather and The Grogalizer, anyway.

    Oh, yeah. And That’s probably the best.

    But really… It keeps getting better and better. The vintage photos are nice, but the depth and accuracy of their coverage is very impressive in this day and age (and especially for the internet).

    Good idea to tell everybody about it!

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