9 Replies to “Ear Candy – Henri Rene – Compulsion to Swing”

  1. Thanks for this album.

    Whomever did the rip has an earth loop somewhere
    in his system as there is hum all the way through.

  2. Damn – I always seem to get around too late – the links to Rapid Share for Compulsion to Swing and for the goodies on Sharity are now closed. Is there any other source for that particular Rene album? I was able to get Swinging 59, but I have wanted for years to get Compulsion . . .

  3. In trying to download some of your albums, says file can’t be found when going to Rapidshare. How can I download? You’ve got some of the best stuff.

  4. Unfortunately, if no one downloads the files in a 30 day period, they get deleted. The most popular ones stick around, but some disappear.

  5. I don’t know this LP but I certainly remember Henri Rene.

    Thank you for making this available – I’m looking forward to listening to it!

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