Kahiki lives!

If there is a bigger fan of the Kahiki than tiki skip, I don’t know them. There are a couple of collectors I see spending money on Ebay, but skip has a huge advantage because he is in Columbus and has had a good relationship with the owners of the Kahiki and all those surrounding it since forever. His home is absolutely the bees knees of tiki and mid-century collectables and Kahiki stuff beyond everything else. The lamps alone would fill any 5 home tiki bars! So it is perfect and amazing that he got hold of this ultimate Kahiki item. There is no better place for it than skip’s home where so many other Kahiki items now are celebrated. Behold!


And skip will have it restored and it’s flame will once again burn for those who love the Kahiki and all that it stood for!



maoi down

We will never forget!

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  1. the beauty of salvaging an element such as the doorway moai is that every piece of the puzzle saved enables the future rebuilding of the structure. i looked in the historic american building survey to see if anyone doumented the kahiki with measured drawings etc., but have yet to turn up anything. having actual fabric of a historic building is great for future restoration plans.

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