The Tiki Lunch Hour

UPDATE 3/4/2017: Tiki Centralite HopeChest realized the Tiki Bob Mainland location is now the current location of Pagan Idol. Not even the owners realized it due to a wrong street address perpetuated over time. The below image was the key!

From Rogue Magazine, November 1959 we have these images of a great idea in Tiki History, the lunch hour lingerie show! This was at the San Francisco Tiki Bob’s. This place is now closed, but the Tiki Bob support pole is still there, waiting. And you thought the Mai Kai bar gals were a little risqué!

Man, dig those skull mugs!

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  1. From Otto von Stroheim Tiki News:

    That article is not from the orig. SF Tiki Bobs that was at Post and Taylor. There was a downtown Bobs near the financial district but I think south of market. I wrote an article on it in Tiki News #14 in 1996 cause I found a bit in the newspaper archives here in the library.

    The photos from Risque show a LOT more than the article I found which showed one girl with a table of guys who were not drinking out of mugs.

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